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through time!!!

Sports Card Frames is a Las Vegas, NV., based company that compiles a card framed history collage of your favorite sports team. Specializing mostly professional football as we share your passion of sports card collecting and love of the game.

Each card is hand picked from our (over 1 million) sports card inventory. No two frames are ever exactly the same. Spanning over the last 60 years, and combined with our research expertise and sports knowledge, we strive to include the all-time great players necessary to make your team history complete.

Orders come in four different types of orders. (SCF's no longer carries 16 card frames)

Basic Order Frames: (BOF 15 cards) 24.95 or (BOF 9 cards) 19.95 are standard manufacturer's cards, examples of which are displayed in our Photo Gallery and under Basic Order Frame Examples and in our Web Store. We choose the players and history for you. You name the team!

Vintage Ordered Frames: (VOF 15 cards or 9 cards) are displayed in the Web Store. They are priced and displayed AS IS. Frame value will be determined by each card condition and Book Value (BV) and then averaged in with current internet pricing, for each valued card of the displayed scanned product. Each and any manufactured numbered card of significant value will be listed in the frames description. We strive to find the best physical and centered cards for your vintage collectable.


For a unique collectable experience we suggest using to compliment your cards for proud display at your work or home office den, loft or man/woman cave. SCF's OFFERS FREE SHIPPING on all orders 

With any type of frame any special request for a particular player or card can be made by contacting us ! 

Visit our Photo Gallery and view the slide show to enjoy your favorite team's Hall Of Fame Players and historic Fight Songs.

Go to our Web Store to order your frame with your favorite team!!!

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