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Sports Card Frames:

Is a Las Vegas, NV. based company that compiles a card history collage of your favorite sports team ready for framing. Specializing mostly in professional Baseball, Football, Basketball and Hockey as we share your passion of sports collecting and love of the game. Listed below is our product descriptions for all items currently for sale in our WEB STORE.

Card Collages:

Each card is hand picked from our (over 1 million) sports card inventory. No two card collages, are rarely the same. Rarely are two frames ever the same. Spanning over the last 70 years, and combined with our research expertise and sports knowledge, we strive to include the all-time great players necessary to make your team history complete. Please click on "WEB STORE" to see currently available collages ready for purchase, or CONTACT US to pre-order your favorite team or players.

Starter or Finish 9 Card Lots:

These consist of 9 cards from a set, priced per 9 card set shown here on SCF only, no returns, no custom orders. For example, if you would like to order cards # 23, 47, 612 & 321 from the Topps 1967 Baseball set, we cannot fill that order. You will recieve the 9 cards shown, each 9/set will have two pictures one of the front, and one of the back of the 9/set cards. priced per conditon it will be up to you to (copy, enlarge, edit, the pictures provided) to determine if you agree with our condition/pricing findings. Please click on PRICING GUIDE we follow Becket Grading and pricing Standards. 

The Top 25 (Ungraded) SCF Sports Cards:

We are not certified professional card graders, although we are card experts, these are our 25 top cards for sale! We will provide a picture of the front and back of the card you will recieve. Priced per SCF conditon it will be up to you to (copy, enlarge, edit on your computer the pictures provided) determine if you agree with our condition/pricing findings. Please click on PRICING GUIDE, SCF follows Becket Grading and pricing Standards.  This is where the true collector will find their diamond in the rough, this is where you maximize your investment dollars.

SCF Great Sports Pic's:

Professional Vintage Sports Photography, many of our shots come from Sports Illustrated, Sport magazine or NFL Quarterback magazine contracted photographers. We are extremely proud of these one of a kind copyrighted photo's, all professionaly high definition grade printed photos on high definition grade paper, meticulously labored here at Photo Image labs in Las Vegas & shipped direct to you.    

Misc. Sports, Movie, Television and Rock & Roll Collectables:

Authentic Collectables for sale. COA Signed products, 8x10 glossys, 45 Records with picture Sleeves. 33&1/3 Album Covers with near/mint condition albums all for sale here. 


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